Google's repair center will finally take your Pixel 3

It's coming five months after launch.

Until now, you've had to visit a uBreakiFix location to get your Pixel 3 fixed in an official capacity. That's helpful if you're nearby, but an absolute pain if your phone breaks and you'd rather not risk voiding the warranty. After today, you can relax -- Google has finally given Pixel 3 owners the option to send their devices to its mail-in repair center. While it could take up to 10 days to receive your phone, it beats having to turn to third parties.

The repair center page still points Pixel 3 owners to physical locations. However, a Google spokesperson told Android Police in a statement that "all generations" of Pixels are covered. It's "in the process" of updating the repair page to match.

It's arguably an overdue move when the Pixel 3 has been on the market for five months, or more than long enough for devices to break. The addition is better late than never, though, and it might make the difference if you were eyeing a Pixel but don't live in a place where in-person repairs are easy to find.