Sonos adds another hi-fi music streaming option in the US

French service Qobuz arrived stateside a few weeks ago.

If you're a Sonos owner in the US who's interested in listening to music in high quality, you might be pleased to learn there's another streaming option available for you through the Sonos app. French streaming service Qobuz, which arrived stateside last month, is now integrated with the Sonos platform.

With the $20/month Hi-Fi plan, Qobuz members can stream CD-quality music at around 1411 kbps (MP3 quality is typically 320kbps). If you have a subscription, you'll be able to access music from the service through the Sonos app. You'll be able to search Qobuz's library, listen to playlists, discover new tunes and artists and add your Qobuz favorites to your Sonos favorites.

The arrival of Qobuz expands the number of high-quality streaming options available through the Sonos app, which include Tidal.