Firefox Send's free encrypted file transfers are now available to all

The free service is also available as an Android app in beta.

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Mozilla has made privacy Firefox's calling card, while lambasting companies it believes don't meet the bar on security. Its latest update to its web browser, an end-to-end encrypted file transfer service, fits the mold. Firefox Send was introduced in 2017 as part of the now-defunct Firefox Test Pilot, which allowed early adopters to try out experimental features, and is now being graduated. Those with Firefox accounts can now share files up to 2.5GB in size between browsers, while everyone else is limited to 1GB. It's also getting its very own Send Android app in beta.

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Unlike the tiered systems offered by the likes of Dropbox and WeTransfer, which let you pay for more storage, Firefox Send only comes with a basic free option. Of course, that means power users can't buy extra space. Neither does it benefit from being integrated into an existing operating software, in the vein of Google Drive on Android or Microsoft OneDrive on Windows.

But it should boast enough security perks to keep general Firefox users happy: You can choose when your file link expires, the number of downloads, and whether to add an optional password. Recipients, on the other hand, simply receive a link to download the file regardless of whether they have a Firefox account or not.

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Firefox Send's free encrypted file transfers are now available to all