'Hyper Light Drifter' devs' next game goes rollerblading across clouds

'Solar Ash Kingdom' packs surreal worlds, big bosses and high speed.

The developers of Hyper Light Drifter have introduced their second game, and it's about as strange as you'd expect... if not more so. Heart Machine has offered a brief peek at Solar Ash Kingdom, a game that blends a "surreal" world, "massive enemy encounters" and, importantly, "wild high-speed traversal." From all indications, it's like rollerblading on acid -- we hope you like gliding effortlessly through the clouds on your way to attack giant eye creatures.

The studio hasn't discussed much else, including the game genre, plot, release date or platforms. If history is any indication, though, you'll likely see Solar Ash launch on a variety of devices. This also isn't as retro-looking as Hyper Light Drifter was. From initial appearances, it's a full 3D title where HLD was a 2D, 16-bit-inspired nostalgia trip.