Dropbox limits free accounts to three linked devices

You'll have to pay up if you want unlimited connections.

If you're used to linking Dropbox to every device you own, you might want to reach for your credit card. Liliputing has noticed that Dropbox quietly started limiting its free Basic tier to a maximum of three linked devices as of March. If that's too confining, you'll have to shell out for a $10 Plus or $20 Professional subscription. You can keep any links you've already established, but you won't get to add any more until you go below that three-device maximum.

It's not hard to see why Dropbox would do this: it's another way to nudge users toward paid service. Companies have done this before, such as when Evernote institute a two-device limit on free users back in 2016. Even so, it's still a pain for Dropbox users who are used to syncing their cloud storage and now have to either pay extra or find an alternative.