'Beat Saber' will be available for Oculus Quest on day one

It's practically a must-have game for VR platforms.

Beat Saber is practically a mandatory game for any VR platform worth its salt, and Oculus knows it. The company has announced that Beat Games' rhythm title will be available for the Oculus Quest when the headset launches this spring. There aren't any mentions of new features for the slice-and-poke music title, but the Quest's self-contained design might be enough of a plus by itself. You won't have to worry about tripping over wires just because your performance was enthusiastic.

It's an important addition to the initial Oculus Quest catalog, and possibly the most important. It gives the headset a familiar flagship game on top of the relatively unknown Vader Immortal and the charming Moss. We'd add that the news is well-timed for Beat Saber. Beat Games recent unveiled its first paid music pack for the game, offering up 10 tracks from the dance-oriented Monstercat label -- the title is maturing right as it's reaching a potentially crucial new audience.