Tesla's in-car browser will be upgraded to Chromium

It has yet to reveal details and a release date, though.

Tesla's in-car browser is pretty infamous for being wonky, so it didn't come as a surprise when someone told Elon Musk on Twitter that they wish it worked consistently. The CEO's response? Tesla is about to upgrade the in-car browser to Chromium, Google's open-source browser project. That doesn't mean the vehicles will be getting Chrome: the Chromium project merely generates code for Chrome and other browsers from companies and vendors outside of Google, including Opera. It's likely that the Chromium code will just power Tesla's upgraded browser.

Of course, Musk's tweet doesn't really reveal anything when it comes to availability. The updated app could come out really, really soon or years from now. Tesla made previous attempts to release a better browser over the past few years, after all, but it kept getting pushed back. A recent software update seemed to fix the current browser for some people, though, and that may be enough to tide some owners over until the Chromium version comes out.