'Anthem' patch taps into NVIDIA's AI-powered antialiasing

The update boosts framerate and allows you to replay critical missions.

A patch to Anthem released on Tuesday that will allow for faster performance as well as some added features. The update includes NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and NVIDIA Highlights. The game developer claims that Anthem players will see up to 40 percent faster performance with DLSS. DLSS uses AI to continually make the game more efficient, and automatically delivers updated algorithms to your machine.

Also new in the patch is NVIDIA Highlights, which automatically captures screenshots and game clips when players achieve certain milestones, such as defeating a large creature or discovering the Tombs of the Legionairres. A new set of sliders allow you to adjust your camera's field of view while you're on the ground, in flight, underwater, your weapon is zoomed, or when you are out of your javelin.

Players will be able to replay missions at a much higher difficulty level, and have access to a new mission that can be played an unlimited number of times. The update also fixes numerous bugs and issues, including the elimination of a rather pesky loading screen that appeared when visiting the Forge to configure your javelin. Also fixed are a small number of issues that caused the system to crash, or players to be unable to interact with other players or objects.