Firefox Lockbox provides access to your passwords on Android

Lockbox will help you recall the logins stored in Mozilla's browser.

Mozilla's Firefox Lockbox has been helping iOS users keep tabs on their many passwords for a while, and now it's making that tool available on Android. Like its iOS counterpart, the app helps you fetch any password you already have stored in Firefox (and thus synced across your devices). It's not a traditional manager, then -- this is more for ensuring that you can sign into a streaming service on a friend's TV.

The passwords are locked down with 256-bit encryption, and you can require a fingerprint to access the app if you want an extra layer of protection. It's not terribly flashy as a result, but it's free. If you're already a Firefox user, it could be useful for those moments when you'd rather not reset an account just to retrieve a login you haven't used in a long time.