Facebook will only stream six MLB games this season

A big drop from the 25 exclusive games it offered on Watch last year.

Facebook will broadcast live Major League Baseball games once again this season. However, it will offer far fewer games than last year. Under the latest one-year deal, Facebook will stream six non-exclusive games on Watch, one per month during the regular season. That's a big step down from the 25 exclusive games Facebook aired last year.

The MLB Network will produce dedicated Watch broadcasts with interactive and social elements. The games will be available in the US (except for blackout areas where the games air on local stations) and several international markets. Facebook and the MLB have yet to decide which games will stream on Watch, though the platform will again offer recaps of every game as well as weekly recaps for each team.

"We look forward to testing a new model for live games, which should help the league continue to reach a younger and more global audience," Rob Shaw, Facebook's sports partnerships lead for leagues and media, told Morning Consult. Facebook and the MLB say games streamed on the platform reached an average viewership almost 20 years younger than the MLB's typical TV audience.