Google Photos makes it easier to take clear pictures of receipts

The new 'Crop & adjust' feature keeps pictures of documents neat and readable.

Google is making it easier to capture clear photographs of receipts and other documents. Following on from the AI-powered suggested actions feature unveiled out last year, which automatically brightens and rotates images, the company is this week launching a new crop and adjust function for snaps of printed items and text-heavy pages.

The feature is pretty similar to other suggested actions in Google Photos. Take a picture and the platform will recognize it as a document, offering a "Crop & adjust" option underneath it. This opens up a new editing interface optimized for documents, automatically cropping the picture to remove the background, clean up edges and improve readability.

We've seen this kind of functionality before in Microsoft's Office Lens, but it's useful to have this feature right in Google Photos, especially since an increasing number of budgeting and money-management apps rely on quick snaps of receipts. "Crop & adjust" rolls out to Android devices this week.