Gmail can schedule messages to send them at a better time

Smart Compose also adapts to your personal greeting style.

Google is marking Gmail's 15th birthday (yes, April 1st) with some genuinely useful additions rather than pranks. To start, it's introducing an option to schedule sending your messages so that they'll arrive at a better time. If you need to write a company message late at night but would rather not bug a coworker off-hours, you can delay the email until your colleague is back in the office.

Smart Compose is also learning to adapt to your personal style. The AI-guided feature now knows how to recognize your usual greetings -- if you open with a "hey" or "hello," you won't have to repeat yourself every time. The feature can also suggest subject lines based on the body text. And while the expansion technically started earlier in March, Google has confirmed that Smart Compose is now available on Android beyond the Pixel 3 (iOS is coming soon) and works in French, Italian, Portugese and Spanish.