PlayStation Store will give refunds on pre-orders to US customers

Sony’s refund policy is a little more forgiving now.

Sony updated its refund policy for pre-orders and faulty content purchased on the PlayStation Store to make things a bit more lenient for users. The new rules issued on Monday gives users who pre-ordered digital content the option to request a refund. According to the revised policy, if you pre-order a game more than 14 days before its release date, you have up until the date of its release to ask for a refund. If you pre-order a game fewer than 14 days before its release, you have up to two weeks after its launch to request your money back.

A couple of caveats in the PlayStation Store's revised policy: You're only eligible for a refund if you haven't downloaded or streamed the game yet. The only exception is if the game is "faulty", though Sony doesn't go into detail on what that means. Also, refunds can only be credited to your PlayStation wallet balance. The new rules apply to full games, avatars, season passes and other downloadable content.

Prior to the updated policy, only EU customers were able to secure refunds for pre-orders at the PlayStation Store. For American and Canadian gamers, most pre-orders on games were final, though some game developers made an exception to this policy. You can read the updated refund policy in full on the PlayStation Store website.