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Apple Clips adds support for custom soundtracks

There's also a camcorder filter for that '90s look.

It's been a while since there was a big upgrade to Apple Clips, but it might be worth the wait if you're a budding mobile auteur. An update to the iOS app has introduced support for custom soundtracks -- if you're tired of the royalty-free tunes, you can bring in your own track to set the mood. You might also like this release if you're big on nostalgia, since there's plenty of retro features o go around.

To being with, there's a camcorder filter (complete with tape-style distortions) to give videos a '90s flair. Eight new posters include both a blue camcorder recording screen as well as "colorful vintage designs," while 8-bit and 3D stickers can give videos a classic gaming vibe. Should you not feel quite so sentimental for the past, there are still three new Live Titles.

There are other functional improvements to boot. You can share Clips projects through AirDrop or email, save them to Files, or use extensions to send them straight to third-party cloud services. You can duplicate and rename projects. And if you're a student, ClassKit hooks let you send videos to teachers through the Schoolwork app. Although you're probably not going to rush to get the new version, it might be worthwhile if you were previously put off by canned soundtracks or a lack of creative choices.