Switch Online adds 'Punch-Out' and 'Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels'

Plus 'Star Soldier.'

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Switch Online adds 'Punch-Out' and 'Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels'

Nintendo's ever-growing library of NES classics that are playable on Switch will add two more entries on the 10th: Punch-Out!!!, Star Soldier and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Punch-Out!!! swaps in Mr. Dream for the game's original boss Mike Tyson -- hopefully without the Wii's scaling-induced lag issues on HDTVs and with all of the Easter eggs -- while SMB: The Lost Levels makes the original 8-bit release (which was released in Japan as SMB 2) playable, but now with easy cloud saves so you don't have to call your brother to get past a tough level.

Star Soldier is a classic scrolling shoot-em-up, and all of them will be available if you subscribe to Switch Online. As a reminder, if you have Amazon Prime, you can unlock a free year of access via Twitch, whether or not you've already paid for online service to the console.

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