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The Morning After: Google+ says goodbye

And 'Endgame' crashed servers.

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AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Even if you didn't get tickets to see Avengers: Endgame,there might be a better way to experience Iron Man's suit. Also, it's time to say goodbye to Google+, and Boston Dynamics is upgrading its definitely-not-killer robots.

Why wait for Endgame?'Iron Man VR' is as close to being Tony Stark as you're likely to get

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Not now

This game puts players behind the mask in a wild first-person adventure facing off against marquee Marvel villains. According to Andrew Tarantola, "You can't ask for a more immersive superhero experience."

It's already gone.Farewell, Google+: You didn't fail, you just didn't succeed

Google's attempt at a social network wasn't a complete failure -- we still have Photos and Hangouts.

Two years after launch, this game looks a lot different.'No Man's Sky VR' is the purest way to explore the universe

This summer, the gigantic No Man's Sky Beyond update goes live, bringing three major features to the game, two of which are public knowledge: MMO-style mechanics and, announced just last week, VR support. According to creator Sean Murray, VR "just feels like a good fit."

It could come to the US under a different name.Nokia's X71 phone has a hole-punch display and a 48-megapixel camera

The X71 is a mid-range Android One phone throughout, from its Snapdragon 660 processor and LCD display right down to its near-stock version of Android Pie. It also packs 6GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage and a 3,500mAh battery. But the major talking points are its hole-punch camera in front and 48-megapixel Zeiss camera on the back.

Got your ticket yet?'Avengers: Endgame' pre-sales crashed movie ticket sites

Many of those trying to make sure they can see the Marvel blockbuster as soon as possible were greeted with error codes on several ticket sites in the US, UK and Canada (including AMC and Cineplex), while others were faced with virtual lines of more than an hour.

The Handle robot is first in line for an upgrade.Boston Dynamics' acquisition will help its robots see in 3D

Boston Dynamics took a big step toward bringing its box-moving (and running, jumping, dishwashing) robots into the real world with its acquisition of Kinema Systems, the Menlo Park-based company that uses deep learning to give robotic arms the 3D vision they need to locate and move boxes. The robot can recognize different products and handle boxes of different sizes, even if they're not perfectly level.

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