HTC's Viveport Video service will work on rival VR headsets

It's now out as a free download on Steam and Viveport.

HTC has introduced a virtual reality video platform of its own on Vive's third birthday, and it will even work on its competitors' headsets. The new service called Viveport Video will give you access to a library of not just 180- and 360-degree videos, but also 2D ones, in a native VR environment. It's now available as a free download on Viveport and Steam, and it will soon be out on the Oculus store.

HTC says Viveport Video is compatible with both PC VR and Vive Wave headsets -- in other words, it'll work not just on PC-powered devices like the original Vive and the Rift, but also on HTC's standalone Vive Focus that's powered by the Wave platform. While the application is not exclusive to HTC-branded devices, you'll get access to premium content on top of its free videos if you have a Viveport Infinity subscription. A membership will set you back $13 a month or $99 a year for unlimited access to apps and games.

You can can fire up the service and enjoy Major League Baseball, Red Bull TV and MacLaren Racing videos in VR if you're a sports fan. The app also features videos from musicians under Red Bull Records, 1Culture and CreekVR. And if you enjoy immersive virtual reality adventures the most, you can choose from offerings like Everest: The VR Film Experience, which gives you a 360-degree first-person view of the climb to the top of the famous mountain.

Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport, said in a statement:

"Immersive VR video experiences are an exciting and captivating way for users to connect with the things that interest them the most and with Viveport Video, they now have access to premium content across a variety of lifestyle genres. Through Viveport Video, we're enabling the developer community to finally be able to monetize their premium video content and share these experiences with a large audience."