Apple stops charging $99 to transfer data to new Macs

The $99 data migration fee is no more.

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fazon1 via Getty Images
fazon1 via Getty Images

If you have a ton of files you need to move to your new Mac, you're in luck. Apple quietly did away with the $99 fee it charges to migrate data from your old Mac to your new computer. The policy change, which went into effect on April 2nd, was first reported by TidBITS. From now on, if you purchase a new Mac or take your computer in for repair, Apple will transfer your data for free.

Still, you may not need the data migration service in the first place. Gone are the days where you would need a Thunderbolt cable or ethernet cord to transfer files from your old computer to your new one. That process could sometimes take several hours. While the process hasn't gotten quicker, tools like Migration Assistant and iCloud make it easier for users to transfer the files on their own. Users don't have to deal with any cords or connecting cables and can just transfer their files through WiFi.

But if you'd rather Apple handle the dirty work and not risk losing any files, you now have the option to do so for free. If you prefer to just do it yourself, Apple has some easy-to-follow instructions.

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