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Childish Gambino will host an immersive Pixel 3 event at Coachella

'Brighter in the Dark' shows off the Pixel 3's Night Sight function.

Childish Gambino teamed up with Google to promote the Pixel's Playground mode earlier this year -- now the collaboration is continuing at Coachella, where the rapper will host a festival experience designed to show off the Pixel 3's Night Sight capabilities.

The "Brighter in the Dark" experience will combine music, art and tech in immersive and "unexpected ways," and you'll be able to have a dance-off with the Childish Gambino Playmoji pack against a backdrop designed exclusively for the Pixel 3 feature, which lets users capture stunning photos in even the lowest light. Catch the experience at this year's Coachella between the Mojave ad Gobi stages, from Friday to Sunday, 12pm-10pm.