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The best cameras, lenses and accessories, and how to make the most of them.

Engadget is all about tech and how we live with it. But take a look at the site in 2019, and there are many facets to what we do: We've been publishing product reviews for most of the site's 15-year history. We've also expanded into original reporting and features. And we have a whole section where you can find a mix of user reviews and buying advice. Now we're combining those ideas to build out comprehensive guides. Some of these will tackle Engadget's bread-and-butter product categories, while others will play at the fringes of what we normally cover. Either way, these guides combine the best of Engadget to tell you what you should buy, and how to use it.

First up, we're doing a deep dive into cameras and photography, with a focus on mirrorless systems. There are dozens of cameras and hundreds of lenses vying for your attention, and we hope our guide will help you work out not just the best, but what's best for you. If you're new to photography, or just looking to refresh your knowledge, start with our comprehensive camera how-tos -- these cover the basics of photography, and will help you work out what kind of camera and lenses you need. You'll then find guides to our favorite high-end and affordable mirrorless systems, along with our picks for a companion camera (for when a full-frame system is overkill), gear bags and individual lens guides for each of the big manufacturers.

Even if you're not in the market for a new camera right now, there's still tons to explore. We've got an interview with Olympus leadership on the future of the Micro Four Thirds system; a look back at cameras of yore; a roundup of the equipment that YouTubers like MKBHD, Casey Neistat and iJustine use; and a report from a day with professional street photographer Valérie Jardin. Have a look at our just-published hub and poke around -- there's a lot to read and see.

2019 camera guide