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Pepsi is making a SodaStream-like sparkling water station

You can even use your phone to save a favorite drink.

Now that Pepsi owns SodaStream, it's trying its hand at a make-your-own-drink station -- though it's not for the company's usual sugar-laden fare. The company has unveiled a water dispenser system that lets you create your own zero-calorie beverage. A touchscreen interface lets you make it as carbonated as you like, choose the flavor (including its strength) and dial in the temperature. You could get a strong, cold raspberry lime drink when you want something punchy, or plain uncarbonated water if you're not feeling adventurous.

This being 2019, it's a connected station. There's a companion smartphone app that helps show your water intake and encourages you to hydrate. You even get a QR code that ties your drink and bottle to your account, so you can always have access to a favorite beverage without having to recreate it every time.

As we write this, Pepsi hasn't said when you can expect to see the station or whether or not it'd be available at home. There are both free-standing and countertop variants in the works, though, so we wouldn't rule out a personal model. Whatever arrives, it reflects a partial shift in strategy for Pepsi -- it's shying away from disposable bottles and cans in favor of a more eco-friendly approach to quenching your thirst.