'Sea of Thieves' update adds a swashbuckling adventure on April 30th

Shores of Gold adds a healthy dose of variety -- and skeletons.

Rare has shed new light on just what stories you'll see in Sea of Thieves' anniversary update, and the first one might just scratch the itch if you think the core game is a bit threadbare. A new trailer for the first "Tall Tales" story, "Shores of Gold," suggests that you'll experience a fleshed-out story complete with cutscenes, elaborate sequences and puzzles. You're tasked with tracking down the Shroudbreaker, the key to visiting a mysterious island -- and of course, you'll face dangers ranging from creepy skeletal warriors to booby-trapped chambers.

"Shores of Gold" will join a range of other major changes when the update arrives on April 30th, including a competitive Arena mode, fishing, harpoons and more complicated ship damage. It's hard to say if the addition of full-fledged story segments will rejuvenate the game after its rough first year. However, it definitely shows that Rare is committed to the game for the long haul -- and it certainly adds some variety if you want to do more than sail the seas finding one buried treasure after another.