Childish Gambino and Google team up for a multiplayer AR app

With Pharos AR, you and your buddies can explore a neon-tinged world.

Google and Childish Gambino are teaming up again for another augmented reality experience. Following the arrival of the Coachella headliner as a Playmoji on Pixel cameras earlier this year, the pair have released a multiplayer app called Pharos AR. It allows you and your friends to explore a trippy, neon-tinged world with Gambino as the soundtrack.

When you open the app, you'll see a portal you can step through. Once you do, you can explore a cave in which you can find glyphs to interact with (while still being able to look at the real world). Track down all of them and the app will let you explore "more worlds throughout Childish Gambino's universe."

You can check out Pharos AR on Android now and it'll arrive on iOS soon. You'll be able to experience it with your friends regardless of which phone each of you have, because the app uses ARCore's Cloud Anchors API.