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Google Fit activity tracking comes to iOS with Apple Watch support

iPhone users have a better reason to buy a Wear OS smartwatch, too.

Google Fit is no longer the sole province of Android users. Google has released Fit for iOS, giving you the same tracking of "Heart Points" and "Move Minutes" as your Android-toting friends. And importantly, it's not an island of fitness data -- it can connect to Apple Health like other activity apps, so any other app or device that supports Health will contribute to your Fit data. Yes, your Apple Watch workouts will count toward your fitness goals.

The app is available today. While it's ultimately about spreading the reach of Google Fit, it could also give you a better reason to buy a Wear OS smartwatch if you're an iPhone user. Your Google Fit data will be readily available on both your phone and your wrist, after all. If nothing else, it's a viable alternative should Apple's Activity app prove unappealing.