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Apple users: Review your iPad Pro 12.9!

Fanboys and critics, this is your moment.

According to senior mobile editor Chris Velazco, Apple's iPad Pro 12.9 is a lot of things: specifically, sleeker, faster, and more flexible than previous iterations. However, he also noted in his review that the upgraded device is expensive, that its OS is still limited and that the overall experience remains somewhat disappointing. Ultimately, the iPad Pro 12.9 garnered a good, but not great, score of 84. There's certainly plenty to love about this version of the tablet like its A12X Bionic chipset and precise Pencil input, but it doesn't quite match Apple's vision of replacing a laptop for day-to-day work.

At least for Chris it didn't. Maybe you've had the opposite experience. Or perhaps you found the Pencil instrumental in drawing a floor plan, or noticed how good your photographs look on the 2,732 x 2,048 "Liquid Retina" display. If you've got thoughts and opinions, take 'em on over to our iPad Pro 12.9 product page and leave a review (or even just a rating) for the tablet that Apple touted as the "future of computing."

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