Tobii uses PC cameras to keep people from peeking at your screen (updated)

It can also save power and switch between monitors.

Tobii is putting its camera technology to work in a very practical way: it's making your day-to-day computing just that much more private and, ideally, more personal. A new version of its Aware software uses your PC's Windows Hello-capable camera to, among other things, blur and lock your screen when you're not looking. You won't have to worry that someone will peep a confidential email when you step away from your computer for a few minutes. The screen can automatically dim when you walk away, too, so you won't feel quite so guilty about wasting power.

Some additions are focused solely on making your life easier. The software can send your mouse cursor or whole windows to different monitors. It'll also provide data on your screen time, your distance from the screen and the last time you took a break. You'll know when it's time to give your eyes some rest.

While the software isn't device-specific, there is a showcase machine -- Lenovo's Yoga A940 all-in-one includes Tobii Aware in the box. Whatever machine you use it with, Tobii is clearly hoping for a world where attention and presence detection are par for the course, rather than the nice-to-have perks they are today.

Update 4/27 2:48PM ET: While Tobii Aware is using your PC's camera, it's not using eye tracking -- we've updated the article to reflect that.