Recommended Reading: The cost of Fortnite's success

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There have been a few stories recently about intense work conditions, or crunch, at studios making high-profile titles. Earlier this month we read about Anthem, and now we're hearing about Fortnite. Polygon conducted interviews with employees at Epic Games who detail working over 70 hours a week and discuss how voluntary overtime became an expectation.

The Airbnb invasion of Barcelona
Rebecca Mead,
The New Yorker

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination, and Airbnb can be a go-to option when traveling abroad. However, when you mix the two, things don't always work out well for the locals.

Podcast wars: $100 million startup Luminary launches Tuesday without Reply All or The Daily
Ashley Carman,
The Verge

Podcast startup Luminary launched its free player and optional $8/month subscription this week, but the reception hasn't been great.