Instagram adds Donation stickers for nonprofits

The social network is also rolling out a redesigned camera.

It's going to be much easier to raise money on Instagram for your favorite nonprofits starting today -- if you're in the US, that is. The Facebook-owned platform has introduced a Donation sticker for Stories, and it even directly links to nonprofit groups' accounts. Slapping it on a Story is as easy as using, say, the location or the #hashtag sticker. Simply tap on its icon from the sticker tray, choose an organization to support and use the platform's tools to bling up your campaign. You can see how much you've raised by swiping up on the Story, and the full amount of what you see there will go straight to the nonprofit you choose.

The platform will also roll out a new camera design in the coming weeks with rearranged features that make them more accessible. While you can already post Stories without a photo or a video, the new Create Mode makes the process more straightforward. It will give you quick access to effects and interactive stickers, and unlike the Donation Sticker that's only accessible in the US, this feature will be available around the world.