We're live from the Google I/O 2019 keynote!

It's May already? You know what means.

What a beautiful time of year this is: it's finally, properly warm again, the rains have (temporarily) subsided, and we'll be at Google's I/O developer conference to get a better sense on what the search giant has been working so diligently on. Some of Google's biggest announcements might not actually be surprises anymore, but no matter — we'll be covering the big, day one keynote live right here.

The smart money is on a handful of hardware announcements, centered around Google's long-rumored mid-range Pixels and a new, Nest-branded smart display. That's the thing about I/O, though: the biggest surprises in recent years have been new software projects and features that dazzle on-stage and eventually show up on our devices. Remember last year? We got a natural-sounding, conversational AI that can make restaurant reservations for you. Needless to say, we're really looking forward to seeing what's next for Android, machine learning, and the web at large. If you're in that camp with us, keep your browser locked right here: our live coverage will start on May 7 at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.