HBO edited that coffee cup out of 'Game of Thrones'

Technology helped save a production gaffe.

If you hadn't already heard, HBO accidentally left a coffee cup in a shot from episode four of Game of Thrones' final season -- millions of TV viewers learned that Daenerys can't function before she's had her latte. However, you won't have much luck trying to revisit that production blunder online. HBO has digitally removed the cup from the episode on digital services like HBO Go, leaving an empty spot on the table where the caffeination once stood.

It's a relatively easy edit, but it's surprising that the production team didn't catch the gaffe before the episode aired for a gigantic audience. That's especially true when this isn't the first time HBO has needed to do this. The company erased two members of the film crew from a Westworld scene in 2018 after viewers spotted them wandering through Sweetwater.

HBO has been good-natured about the mistake, saying that Dany had really "ordered an herbal tea." With that said, it's no doubt thankful that modern editing allows those quick corrections -- it didn't have to live with the consequences of its slip-up for more than a few days.