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Netflix's 'She-Ra' reboot returns for a third season on August 2nd

Geena Davis is voicing one of the show's new characters.

She-Ra and her squad of kick-ass magical princesses are coming back for a third season -- this time with Geena Davis as part of the cast. The award-winning actress and champion of female representation on screen will voice a new character named Huntara. True to her name, Huntara is a hunter and the leader of the Crimson Waste who reluctantly teams up with Adora, Glimmer and Bow on a quest.

Netflix started working on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power in 2016 and starting streaming it a couple of years later. The show is about a teenager named Adora, an orphan raised by an evil army called the Horde, who finds a magical sword that can transform her into She-Ra. Together with her fellow magical girls, she defects from the Horde and joins the fight against the villainous army. The DreamWorks animated show's third season will start streaming on August 2nd.