Twitch streamers can soundtrack shows with Anjunabeats' dance tunes

Expect a lot of Above & Beyond in broadcasts.

Twitch streamers don't have great options for legal music -- if they're not willing to pay for licenses, they typically have to either rely on free-to-use fare or accept that parts of their on-demand video will be muted. They'll have a better option from now on, though. Dance music label Anjunabeats has cleared 350 tracks (over 29 hours' worth) for use in Twitch streams, giving you a thumping soundtrack when you're chatting with viewers or just want to hear more than game sounds.

The collection unsurprisingly doesn't include every tune on the label, but you're not just getting B-sides and back catalog material. Anjunabeats founders Above & Beyond are unsurprisingly well-represented, as are other label stars like Ilan Bluestone and Jason Ross. You'll also find plenty of tracks from the Anjunadeep label.

This won't be hugely appealing if you aren't a fan of trance or deep house. However, it's a big deal for Twitch as music becomes more of an integral part of its experience. While Twitch doesn't have licensing pacts with the world's biggest labels like Facebook does, this brings it closer to that kind of flexibility -- broadcasters can liven up their shows without worrying that they'll get in trouble.