Nintendo is selling discount game vouchers to Switch Online members

You can use them to purchase digital titles at a discount.

Nintendo is selling vouchers exclusively to Switch Online members that you can use to purchase some of the platform's most popular games at a discount. A pair of vouchers will set you back $100, and you can use each one to redeem any eligible title. While the list of compatible games is pretty short, it does include Breath of the Wild and the Pokémon Let's Go games -- it's also mostly titles that'll cost you $60 when you buy them from the eShop, with some $50 games in the mix.

Obviously, the best way to take advantage of the offer is to get two $60 games for a $20 discount. Not a huge amount by any means, but if you're buying any of the compatible titles in digital format anyway -- you might be able to find cheaper physical copies out there -- it's a good chance to get back Switch Online's $20-a-year subscription fee.

The vouchers are available until July 31st, 2019 and will remain valid for a year after purchase. Take note that Nintendo intends to add more compatible games, including Super Mario Maker 2, and you can set aside any voucher you buy to redeem them when they become available.