Pandora finally made a native desktop app

It's now available for Mac -- a Windows version will follow.

Pandora has finally rolled out a desktop app, so you don't have to be stuck using its web player on a browser anymore if you want to play music on your computer. It doesn't play podcasts yet, and it doesn't quite have all the features of the mobile application, but it does give you access to handy keyboard controls that lets you play, pause, replay, skip, shuffle and even rate songs. It also shows on-screen notifications that display the artist and the song that's playing, as well as the album the tune came from.

In addition, it includes controls for Pandora Modes, which can fine-tune the types of songs the service plays for you, such as "Crowd Faves" and "Newly Released." The desktop app is accessible for users across all tiers, but it's only available for Mac at the moment. Pandora says a Windows version is "coming soon," though it didn't give a specific date for its release.