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Barnes & Noble isn't ready to give up on the E-Ink Nook

The new GlowLight Plus has the largest E-Ink display yet.

Just in time for beach reading, Barnes & Noble is releasing a new Nook with a 7.8-inch screen and waterproof design. The new GlowLight Plus has the company's largest E-Ink screen to date, and as with past models users can choose between a cool white light or warmer, orange-toned glow. It has the same "soft touch finish," page-turning buttons on the left and right and 8 GB of storage.

Barnes & Noble has pumped the brakes on its Nook e-readers in the past few years, but it continues to release new devices sporadically. Last fall, it unveiled the Nook Tablet 10.1 and a companion keyboard that converts it into a makeshift laptop. The year before, Barnes & Noble introduced the GlowLight3, a $120 E-Ink e-reader with a six-inch screen and 8 GB of storage.

Aside from the screen size, the biggest change with the GlowLight Plus appears to be the price. It's listed at $200 -- significantly more than both the GlowLight3 and the Nook Tablet 10.1. We'll have to wait until the device goes on sale (in stores May 27th and online May 29th) to see if customers are willing to pay $200 for the larger, E-Ink screen and waterproof housing.