The Nook GlowLight 3 is better suited for night-time reading

Barnes and Noble brings twice the storage and a soft, comfy finish to its latest E Ink Nook.

The battle of competing e-readers has all been won by Amazon's Kindle line of products, but there still manage to be a few sorties here and there from the sidelines. Kobo just announced a more capacious Aura reader, and now Barnes and Noble is actually trying one more time with a new version of its E Ink Nook reader, the $120 GlowLight 3, available for pre-order now and for purchase in stores on November 8th.

The company touts the advanced lighting system for its new Nook. The GlowLight 3 will automatically and gradually switch its front light from a daytime cool white light to a warmer, orange-toned glow for nighttime reading. The case will have a new "soft touch finish" aimed at keeping your hands comfy while holding the Nook for long periods, and there will be page turning buttons on both sides of the Nook to give both lefties and righties an easy one-handed reading experience.

The company says that the E Ink display is its highest resolution, yet with crisp text and no flashing when turning pages. GlowLight 3 has twice as much onboard storage as the previous GlowLight Plus model, and you can begin to fill it up with a free issue of The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal or USA Today when you purchase a GlowLight 3. If E Ink doesn't interest you, Barnes and Noble still offers plenty of other full-color Nooks for their stalwart customers, including Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2, Tab A Nook and Tab E Nook, along with the Nook Tablet 7-inch.