Moog museum tells the history of popular synthesized music

The North Carolina location features Bob Moog's work and beyond.

There's no doubt that Bob Moog had a massive influence on music by making synthesizers popular and accessible, and now there's a dedicated place to pay homage to his legacy. The Bob Moog Foundation has opened the Moogseum, a museum in Asheville, North Carolina that includes static and interactive exhibits devoted to its namesake's synths as well as other electronic instruments.

There's an interactive timeline for Moog's own life, but you can also expect "bays" of playable synths (including Minimoogs), effect pedals and theremins to help you understand the science of electronic music first-hand. A Young Inventors Lab, meanwhile, shows kids to create their own circuit boards. There's also a dome where you can "step inside" a board to see how electronics produce sound.

If you're more interested in seeing rarities, you can visit an archival center with notes, schematics and photos from the Foundation's collection. Likewise, you'll find prototype synths, rare theremins and other elusive items. Like other museums, you'll find both rotating exhibits as well as traveling exhibits that head to other cities around the world.

The Moogseum is open on 56 Broadway between 11AM to 5PM most days, except for Tuesdays and Sundays. And don't worry if you missed the informal opening on May 23rd. The grand opening is set for August 15th, so you still have time to make a pilgrimage and pay tribute to instruments that have helped define music for decades.