Acer brings NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 5000 to its ConceptD 7 laptop

The pro machine will get the highly-coveted professional graphics gear.

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Earlier this year, Acer announced its ConceptD range of high-end notebooks designed to woo away folks who had gone sour on the MacBook Pro. The company touted the range's sharp looks and sharp specs paired with a commitment to color accuracy on the display. Now, with the advent of NVIDIA's new Quadro RTX graphics for laptops, Acer will now offer the RTX 5000 inside its ConceptD 7.

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Acer hasn't felt the need to mess around with the existing system, which makes sense since the ConceptD line was only announced in April. That means it's still offering a ninth-generation Core i7, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVME storage and that 15.6-inch, Pantone-validated 4K display. The one thing that Acer neglected to mention — yet — was how much it expects you to pay for the tweaked ConceptD 7, and when you can expect to own one.

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