'Contra' anthology will include game versions from around the world

It's not just the NES and SNES games you know.

Konami has outlined the full game lineup for Contra Anniversary Collection, and it's good news for, well, collectors. In addition to the four already-announced titles (Contra, Super Contra, Super C and Contra 3), the anthology will include both more familiar games (such as Hard Corps and Operation C) as well as examples you probably wouldn't have bought when new, including the European adaptations Probotector for the Mega Drive and Super Probotector for the NES. You'll even get the slightly upgraded original Contra for Nintendo's Famicom.

On top of this, Konami will bring the Japanese versions of six games (such as the arcade versions of Contra and Super Contra) to the collection as part of a free update.

You won't likely see any dramatic changes to the experience when Konami releases the collection on the PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One this summer. However, that might be a good thing. You can play the exact Contra games you remember, largely the way you remember them. The only way it could get more authentic is to use the original controllers.