'Death Stranding' special edition comes with life-sized baby in a pod

Are you devoted enough to Hideo Kojima to spend $200 on a game?

There have been plenty of over-the-top game bundles in recent years, but the one for Death Stranding might top them all in terms of sheer audacity. When the game arrives on November 8th, a Collector's Edition will include a life-size "bridge baby" pod. That's right -- you too can creep out friends and family by placing what looks like a pickled infant on your desk. You probably don't want to decorate your office with this one.

Thankfully, the other additions are somewhat more socially acceptable. There's a Bridges cargo case, a Ludens keychain and plenty of digital extras, including the soundtrack, in-game gear (such as exoskeletons and armor) and PSN avatars.

As you might imagine, this is expensive. The Collector's Edition will sell for $200, or enough to give pause to anyone but the most fervent devotee of Hideo Kojima's work. Thankfully, there are in-between options. If you don't care for the traumatizing goodies of the Collector's Edition, the $70 Special Edition and $80 Digital Deluxe Edition offer the virtual content for considerably less.