Giphy adds animated emoji and text to its apps

Both features will be available through the Giphy app and keyboard starting today.

Giphy is moving past just GIFs and getting into the business of everything animated. Starting today, the company is rolling out two new formats: Giphy Emoji and Giphy Text. The new features expand upon the company's huge reservoir of GIFs by adding new collections of animated emoji and text stickers that can be shared across conversations. Both features will be available through the Giphy app for iOS and Android starting today, as well as the Giphy Keyboard available for both operating systems. The company plans to open the features up to developers in the near future.

To start, the libraries for the new features will be rather limited. Giphy Emoji will have a total of 80 "high quality, fully animated" emoji that can be summoned from within Giphy's apps. It will include animated versions of popular default emoji as well as "unofficial" ones like chef's kiss and dumpster fire. As for Giphy Text, it will likewise offer a limited collection of animated words that can be shared in sticker form. Giphy didn't say exactly how many text stickers will be available at launch.

This isn't the first time Giphy has extended its reach beyond the standard GIF format. Last year, the company launched a short-form video platform -- complete with an accompanying film festival -- that allows users to upload clips of up to 30 seconds that include audio.