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Lego is releasing an Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set for its 50th anniversary

The $100 kit will be available June 1st.

The 50th anniversary of the human race's first trip to the moon is fast approaching, and Lego is marking the milestone with a NASA Apollo 11 lunar lander set. It'll be available June 1st for $100.

The 1,087-piece Creator kit includes a pair of astronaut figures, presumably to represent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The model is in three parts, designer Lars Joe explained in a video. The astronauts can fit into the top main module, which has windows, while the descent-stage section has legs, a rocket and doors with equipment inside. The moon base, meanwhile, features craters, a nameplate, footprints and a section for a flag. There's also a sticker that replicates the iconic plaque Armstrong and Aldrin left on the lunar surface in 1969.

NASA worked with Joe on the project, providing him with details about the Eagle lunar module. Gold bricks on the sides of the descent section are supposed to represent heat shields from the real lander, for instance.