Apple will reportedly limit third-party tracking in kids apps

The company could announce the change at WWDC.

serts via Getty Images

As tech companies grapple with safety and privacy concerns, Apple will reportedly limit third-party tracking in kids apps starting next week. While the company hasn't announced the change, a source told The Wall Street Journal that it's in the works. Given that Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is Monday -- and that Facebook and Google have used their respective developer conferences to tout privacy initiatives -- it wouldn't be surprising for Apple to announce increased privacy for kids.

As The Wall Street Journal points out, many iPhone privacy issues are the result of third-party apps that share sensitive information. Even apps in the kids category, like Curious World, are guilty of sharing users' names and ages. Apple says privacy concerns are the second most common reason for rejecting an app from the App Store. The company reportedly committed to "addressing the challenges of improving transparency and helping users get stronger privacy and security protections for the data they've chosen to share."

We've reached out to Apple for confirmation, but we may have to wait until WWDC to find out what privacy improvements Apple has in store.