HomePod will support multiple users and music handoffs

You'll also find live streaming radio.

Apple just addressed some of the complaints about the HomePod in one fell swoop. A future update to the smart speaker will bring multiple major upgrades, most notably support for multiple users. Like its rivals, it can recognize who's speaking and customize the responses. This has rather large implications for messages, reminders and other info you might not want to share with everyone else in your household.

There's more. You can now hand off audio to or from a HomePod just by bringing your iOS device nearby, letting you finish a podcast during your commute or take a phone call on your speaker. And you're no longer confined to using Beats 1 or AirPlay if you want to listen to live tunes. HomePod will support live streaming radio from over 100,000 stations, including major broadcasters like KROQ, WNYC and CBC.

The HomePod update is expected to arrive sometime in the fall, most likely in September.