Is the latest Mac Mini a worthy challenger?

We’re focusing on the successes and shortcomings of this sleek desktop computer.

When Engadget video producer Chris Schodt reviewed the new Mac Mini back in November, it had been four years since the previous model was released. The 2018 upgrade includes an eighth-generation Intel processor and a plethora of ports in a space gray recycled aluminum body, all of which make for a polished and flexible machine. However, Chris thought the lack of a dedicated GPU was a big miss here, particularly for the sort of pro users Apple was trying to court.

The comments left on that review indicated that many of you were excited at the prospect of a refreshed Mac Mini. If you purchased one, what do you use it for? How would you score it? Does an Intel Core i3 processor, UHD 630 GPU, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD justify the starting price of $799? Tell potential buyers all the ups and downs of working with Apple's "workhorse" computer in a user review on our product page for the Mac Mini, and you may see your writeup featured in an upcoming roundup!

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