Instagram makes it easy to add song lyrics to your Stories

Lyrics will automatically pop up with songs from Instagram's library.

Instagram announced today that it is adding the ability to display lyrics when adding songs to Stories. The feature will let users decide if they want to display song lyrics on screen and will give them the ability to edit the text style, animation and other features. Instagram said the feature will be available in regions that currently have access to the app's music library, introduced last year.

According to Instagram, users will be able to search through its available library of songs and select the one they want to add to a story. When they select which part of the song they want to play, they will now be able to use the lyrics as a reference point. As long as the song has lyrics available, they will automatically pop up in the app. Users can then tap on the words to customize how they will appear on screen.

Instagram has done a considerable amount of fine-tuning and updating its Stories feature lately. Last year, the company added support for SoundCloud, Spotify and Shazam as sources of songs. Earlier this year, Instagram added the ability to share what you're watching on Netflix in your Story as well.