'The Division 2' takes players back to New York in its upcoming DLC

And an old enemy returns as well.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is not even two months old but Ubisoft laid out its year one plans for the action shooter RPG at E3 today. We already knew three additional episodes were coming via DLC, but a first look trailer revealed some of the locations players will soon be able to visit both in and outside a post-apocalyptic Washington DC, including the Pentagon and the National Zoo. Players will get new gear, weapons and new rewards to go along with the new areas to explore.

Episode 1 has players looking for President Ellis and the leader of the Outcasts in the National Zoo, traveling through 11 different biomes and their respective human and animal threats. The installment will also introduce "Expeditions," which have players participating in cooperative challenges as they progress through the wings of Trinity College. This episode will be out in July.

In the fall episode 2 heads just outside the city to the Pentagon for three new missions involving top enemy faction Black Tusk. This installment also introduces a new eight-person raid where each team will heading to a foundry to take on the fascist True Sons.

As for episode 3, it looks like we're heading back to New York, with Coney Island featured prominently in both the trailer and artwork. You'll be going after Aaron Keener, the rogue agent from the first game who vowed to wipe out humanity with the Green Poison virus. At the end of that title players were given a chance to join up with him; whether that will factor into episode 3 at all is yet to be seen. We'll find out when it's released in early 2020.