InfoWars can't use Pepe the Frog after lawsuit settlement

The supplements site was sued after it sold a poster featuring Pepe without permission.

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Alex Wong via Getty Images
Alex Wong via Getty Images

The creator of Pepe the Frog has made it known, several times over, that he didn't want his creation to become a symbol for the far right. That may be easier now, as the website InfoWars has settled a lawsuit related to its use of the character, which includes a pledge never to use it again. The Daily Beast reports that Pepe creator, Matt Furie, sued the conspiracy page after it sold an unauthorized poster featuring Pepe.

In order to settle the suit, InfoWars has agreed to pay $15,000, $14,000 of which is profit from sales of the poster, plus an additional $1,000. Furie's lawyers have said that the additional thousand will be donated to a conservation charity for frogs. InfoWars, too, is claiming this as a victory, with the supplements store saying that a $15,000 settlement is far cheaper than $2 million in damages Furie had reportedly asked for.

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