Logitech updates a trio of gaming mice with high-precision sensors

The new G903, G703 and G403 models can keep up with modern gamers.

Logitech is contributing to the flood of gaming peripherals at E3 with three of its own. It's updating its G903 Lightspeed, G703 Lightspeed and G403 gaming mice with the same high-precision 16,000DPI HERO sensor you see in a number of its higher-end models, plus a few other useful tweaks. The refreshed G903 (above) shares the familiar low-lag wireless design and plethora of buttons, but the sensor's improved efficiency gives it a much longer 140 hours of claimed battery life versus its predecessor's 32. You shouldn't have to charge it nearly so often, then.

The upper mid-range G703, meanwhile, doesn't last much longer (35 hours versus 32) but is considerably lighter at 95g versus the earlier model's 107g. The simpler G403 is the only wired refresh of the bunch, so its focus is primarily on the improved tracking.

All three mice should be available sometime in June with prices of $70 for the G403, $100 for the G703 and $150 for the G903. They're still relatively expensive, then, but they're easier to justify now that the hardware has caught up to modern rivals.