Airbnb wants to sell you rock climbing and camping trips

All-in-one holidays for millennials.

Want an exciting holiday without having to plan it yourself? Airbnb wants to sell you more than just a place to stay. The newly launched Airbnb Adventures offers all-in-one trips to locations around the globe hosted by local experts.

The company's website has over 200 trips on offer, ranging from two to ten days in length. Current trips include tracking lions on foot with conservation professionals in Nairobi, taking a slow food trip around the Galapagos Islands visiting local farms and restaurants, and camping in the Snake Gorge Canyon in Oman.

The trips are priced from $130 up to thousands of dollars per person for more far-flung adventures. Prices include lodging, meals and activities, so the idea is that you pay the fee and just show up, with everything planned for you.

Like offering an apartment for rental, operators need to apply to Airbnb to be Adventures operators and show they have the required qualifications to host tourists. The Adventures trips will be user-rated, but because they are so new there are few ratings available just yet.

Airbnb has been looking to move beyond offering accommodation and expand its business into other areas of travel. It has plans for everything from building houses to creating original travel shows.

The Adventures scheme is a scaled-up version of the Experiences program which Airbnb has been expanding into cities across the US. According to Fast Company, Airbnb is hoping to target Instagram-hungry millennials searching out "hikes, food tours, and yoga retreats under the umbrella of cultural immersion."